Hans Mulder

Education Achieved on
DEMO 4 Professional Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 4 Lecturer Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 3 Lecturer Exam 01-03-2017
DEMO 3 Master Exam 16-08-2006
DEMO 2 Professional Exam ?

Hans Mulder is CEO of Venture Management, co-founder of Meetingworks Europe, chairman of the supervisory board of Finalist and Five4U. As the founder of Viagroep nv, a company which has investments in IT industry, he is on the management and executive boards of various IT companies. 

He is regularly engaged as an IT expert when conflicts between companies need to be resolved in or out of court. He is frequently involved in matters of dispute settlement, such as participating in arbitration, mediation and expert reports. He is arbitrator of the Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut in Rotterdam. Hans is a qualified Expert of the Court (Gerechtelijk Deskundige). Since 1996, he has been involved in over 120 cases of arbitration, mediation and expert reports. 

Hans is Standish European research director and executive professor at the Antwerp Management School. In addition, Hans is lecturer at the Police Academy of the Netherlands. He received his Phd. at Delft University of Technology (Information Systems department), his Master of Science in Business Administration (MscBA) at Nijenrode Business Universiteit in 1994 and his Bachelor of Science in ICT at The Hague University of Professional Education (Informatics Sector) in 1993. Furthermore, he has published more than 100 articles in specialist journals and international magazines, and is the author of several books such as 'Eenvoud in Complexiteit'​.


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