Mark Mulder

Enterprise Engineer, Trainer

Education Achieved on
DEMO 4 Professional Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 4 Lecturer Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 3 Bachelor Exam 02-01-2018
DEMO 3 Master Exam 02-01-2018
DEMO 3 Lecturer Exam 02-01-2018
DEMO 2 Professional Exam 04-07-2013

Mark Mulder is an Enterprise Engineer and Enterprise Architect working at TEEC2 BV. TEEC2 is building companies by structuring the organisation using DEMO and applying human communication.

TEEC2 modelled organisations in Logistics, Healthcare, Telecom and Real estate. Using DEMO in ERP implementations is one of the specialities.

Mark is also certified DEMO 3 Lecturer (trainer) and provides regular and on-demand DEMO training.

He is currently working on his PhD involving DEMO modelling.

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