Martin Op 't Land

Global Architect, agile Enterprise Designer

Education Achieved on
DEMO 4 Professional Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 4 Lecturer Exam 06-11-2019
DEMO 3 Lecturer Exam 01-03-2017
DEMO 3 Master Exam 16-08-2006
DEMO 2 Professional Exam 10-01-2001

Martin Op 't Land works as Certified Global Architect with Capgemini, as Professor Enterprise Engineering at University of Antwerp, and as Faculty of Antwerp Management School. Since 1998 he is an enthusiastic supporter of DEMO, and used this in numerous projects. This culminated in earning his PhD at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) on a systematic approach for organization splitting, merging and allying, and the development of an evidence-based accelerator for that, reflecting on cases at ING Europe and Rijkswaterstaat-Deltares.

He combines an active career as architect and consultant with academic research and the development of Master and postdoc-eduation and -supervision at several universities. For instance, since 2006 he lectures DEMO (Professional, Bachelor and Master). And in 2017 he developed the course Enterprise Design Foundation, which embeds DEMO in an approach from idea (Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup) via trading off organization implementation alternatives to embedding it in governance. His current research focuses on how to agile implement enterprises, with coherent choices in organization and ICT. His book “Enterprise Architecture – Creating Value by Informed Governance” (Springer, 2009) is internationally used as an academic introduction in this field. As Editor of the Springer Enterprise Engineering Series and Faculty of the EE-network he contributes to the academic development of Enterprise Engineering, as Board Member of the Enterprise Engineering institute he devotes himself to its practical applicability.

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