Privacy Policy

Version 1, feb 2019

The Enterprise Engineering institute gathers personal data of exam candidates and certified specialists for the purpose of:

  • inviting them to exam sessions and other events
  • establishing their identity at the exam sessions
  • reviewing their exams
  • communicating their exam results and sharing documents related to events
  • maintaining a public register of DEMO certified specialists (i.e. those who have passed the DEMO exam(s))
  • other administrative purposes such as invoicing

In line with its mission and by-laws, the EEi views the public register as a crucial tool in helping organizations to judge the knowledge of a professional who applies DEMO in practice. Any professional who is in the EEi DEMO specialists register has, or can apply for, a personal account at this website. Via the personal account the specialist can adapt their personal data and (un)hide their profile. In case of questions the webform can be used to contact the webmaster.

The EEi does not sell personal data of DEMO certified specialists or exam candidates. The EEi does occasionally partner with commercial and not-for-profit organisations to organize events (mainly DEMO Platform, DEMO Awareness, DEMO Round Table) and improve its service to the DEMO community. In such cases personal data (name, email adress, etc) need and will be shared with the partnering organization.