Capgemini teaches DEMO AwarenessDEMO Bachelor and DEMO Master. both by open enrollment and on demand / in-house. 

Sapio teaches DEMO Awareness, DEMO Bachelor, DEMO Master and is one of the assessors at the DEMO Lecturer exam.

Hogeschool NOVI teaches DEMO Bachelor as part of the Enterprise Engineering en Business Process Management program. 

Icris teaches inhouse DEMO Awareness, Bachelor and Master courses on demand.  

Viagroep-logo VIAgroep teaches inhouse DEMO Awareness, Bachelor and Master courses on demand.

The Antwerp Management School teaches DEMO Bachelor and DEMO Master, combined in a module of the Executive Master of Enterprise IT Architecture. A student can also take the DEMO module separately without enrolling in the entire Master Program. 

The faculty of Information technology of Czech Technical University teaches the DEMO Bachelor course as part of its regular curriculum in the Master of Informatics program. 

San Jose State University teaches DEMO Awareness and DEMO Bachelor. In the course "ISE 214 Enterprise Engineering" in the regular curriculum of the Master of Science Engineering Management.

 Avans+ focuses on professionals who wish to improve their talents and career. DEMO is taught as part of the Master of ICT and Business Innovation.