DEMO Platform 5 sept 2017 (Dutch spoken)

We have found two interesting speakers who can put DEMO in a broader perspective. 

Hans Mulder (Viagroep, Antwerp Management School) has done important research to quantify the need for Enterprise Architecture. He will use several practical cases to illustrate his findings. With his cowriters Hans published a newspaper article (published in NRC Handelsblad) and an academic paper

Martin Op 't Land (Capgemini, Antwerp Management School) will position and embed DEMO in the broader perspective of other methods in the Enterprise Design approach. From idea — e.g. with Business Model Canvas* and Lean StartUp thinking — and its fit in the strategy, via the design of collaboration between actors and ensuring their shared semantics — using DEMO’s Construction Model and Fact Model  — and trading-off several implementation alternatives, until transformation roadmap, business case, and embedding in multi-case governance. In several practical cases this contributed to more holistic and iterative transformations.


17.30 - 
18.30 - 
 Opening with sandwiches
 Prof. Dr. Hans Mulder
19.30 -  19.45  Break
19.45 - 
20.45 - 
 Prof. Dr. Martin Op 't Land

Access is free, but we appreciate if you apply by clicking the green button on the right.

* The Business Model Canvas was designed by Business Model Foundry AG ( & released under Creative Commons license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.  

Veenendaal, Newtonstraat 2
05-09-2017 17:30 - 21:00