Enterprise Design Foundation

In order to make holistic organizational transformation happen, an enterprise needs a proper and coherent design.
The 3-day training Enterprise Design Foundation takes the enterprise designer through all the necessary steps and learning iterations and introduces related methodologies and best practices. From idea — using a/o Business Model Canvas* and Lean StartUp thinking — and its fit in the strategy, via the design of collaboration between actors and ensuring their shared semantics — using DEMO’s Construction Model and Fact Model  — and trading-off several implementation alternatives, until transformation roadmap, business case and embedding in multi-case governance. This empowers the enterprise with the capability for continuous & embedded transformation.

* The Business Model Canvas was designed by Business Model Foundry AG (Strategyzer.com) & released under Creative Commons license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

29-09-2017 00:00 - 13-10-2017 00:00