Executive Board

Lt. Col. E.G. (Edward) van Dipten MI is senior business architect at the Dutch Ministry of Defence and has been DEMO professional certified since 2008 and DEMO Expert certified since 2011. During his master thesis for the Master of Informatics Edward created the Basic Enterprise Engineering Map (BEEM). This map gives an overview and insight in the whole terrain of business and IT. The map relates activity kinds (architecturing, developing, implementing and managing) to the aspect systems (B-, I- and D-organisation) with the function and construction perspective from the GSDP.

Edward is DEMO Expert, Professor and lecturer at the NOVI University of Applied Sciences.

Ir. Niek Pluijmert is managing partner of INQA Quality Consultants B.V. He has been active in ICT since 1979, mainly as project manager and manager in ICT organizations. For INQA's clients, Niek does assignments to improve their processes. Niek uses DEMO as a powerful method to quickly understand a new business and to see the real opportunities to improve.

Theo Severien has been applying DEMO for many years in many different roles. He always aims to get to the essence of the organisation, with a strong focus on supporting the workforce to achieve optimal results.

Leon van Kervel MSc. has been DEMO Professional certified since 2012 and works at ForMetis. For her clients ForMetis builds Adaptive Case Management Systems (Dossierbeheer-systemen). ForMetis uses her unique DEMO BPM Engine to generate large parts of these systems instead of ‘hard coding’ them. Only by applying DEMO it is possible to guarantee strict compliance to procedures and allow for flexibility in architecture at acceptable costs.

Honorary Chairman

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Dietz (emeritus) is the spiritual father of DEMO, honorary chairman and co-founder of the Enterprise Engineering Institute. Since 1992 he has been working on the methodology as director of his company Sapio, basing it on the PSI-theory that he developed as professor at the University of Maastricht and the TU Delft. He was and still is involved in numerous DEMO projects. He also developed the course DEMO Professional and has been lecturing it since 1995.