Executive board

 Prof. Dr. Martin Op ’t Land is chairman of the board and chairman of the exam committee of the EEi. Martin works at Capgemini as Global Architect. He wrote his dissertation on applying DEMO for splitting and merging organizations. Since 2011 Martin has been professor Enterprise Engineering at the Antwerp Management School.

Ir. Jos Hamilton is treasurer of the EEi. Jos is DEMO Professional certified and has been extensively involved with VISI since it's inception in the late '90s. VISI is the open BIM standard for formal communication in the building sector and is based on DEMO.   

Theo Severien is the secretary of the EEi. Theo has been applying DEMO for many years in many different roles. He always aims to get to the essence of the organisation, with a strong focus on supporting the workforce to achieve optimal results.

Leon van Kervel MSc. is webmaster at the EEi. Leon has been DEMO Professional certified since 2012 and works at ForMetis. For her clients ForMetis builds Adaptive Case Management Systems (zaak-systemen). ForMetis uses her unique DEMO workflow to generate large parts of these systems instead of ‘hard coding’ them. Only by applying DEMO it is possible to guarantee strict compliance to procedures and still allow for flexibility in architecture at acceptable costs.

Exam Committee

Prof. Dr. Martin Op 't Land, chairman

Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Dietz

Prof. Dr. ing. Hans Mulder MSc. BA

Ir. Mark Mulder 


Advisory board 

Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Dietz is the spiritual father of DEMO, as well as honorary chairman and co-founder of the Enterprise Engineering Institute. He started the development of DEMO in 1990, basing it on the theories that he developed as professor at the University of Maastricht and (later) at Delft University of Technology, where he has been given the emeritus status in 2009. He has published several books on DEMO. As director of Sapio Enterprise Engineering, he has been lecturing DEMO since 1995, producing course materials, as well as participating in practical applications

Tine de Mik MSc. works as an Enterprise Architect at Stichting Studielink (centralized enrolment for higher education in the Netherlands). She is a certified DEMO Master and regards DEMO as a crucial way of thinking to be able to understand the essence of an organisation or enterprise, in order to achieve transformation. Tine is a member of the Marketing workgroup of the EEi.

ir. Niek Pluijmert is a former treasurer of the EEi and chairman of the working group Internationalisation and Standardisation. Niek is an Experienced Enterprise Engineer who prefers using DEMO and its underlying PSI-theory as the way of thinking to understand a real life situation. He uses DEMO as the base from which he develops, together with the people involved, solutions that give improvements on short term. 

ir. Mark Mulder is an Enterprise Engineer and Enterprise Architect working at Mphee BV. Mphee is building companies by structuring the organisation using DEMO and applying human communication. Using DEMO in ERP implemantations is one of the specialities. Mark is certified DEMO 3 Lecturer (trainer) and provides regular and on demand DEMO training. Mark is also currently working on his PhD involving DEMO modelling.Han van der Zanden

Peter Kuipers


Ernest Buise


Han van der Zanden